WCS Engage: Overloading the Mailroom

WCS Engage: Don’t Overload the Mailroom

One of the most useful features in Oracle’s WebCenter Sites is a feature entitled Engage.  This feature was vastly improved from previous iterations in WCS and provides the platform with the ability to use market segmentation. Delivering targeted content to a key demographic is the Rubix’s Cube every marketing department is furiously trying to solve. 

Although rightfully drawn to this WCS feature, what has the potential to provide a tremendous amount of benefit can often turn into the second coming of...

OWCS Missing Nodes in Site Plan Tree

You wake up one morning, get into work, grab your morning coffee and log into Web Center Sites.  As you sip your coffee you look at the Site Plan Tree tab, which contains the 600 or so pages that you painstakingly organized with pride.  You get an email saying that now Page X needs to be moved under Page Y for the breadcrumbs.

You put down your coffee and you start to drag Page X under Page Y.  Page X has 100 pages underneath it and the dragging seems to lag.  You let go of your mouse button only to see the Page and all its children disappear.  You frantically expand various nodes...

How to create a modal window in WebCenter Sites Contributor UI (

If you have been working on WCS for a while, you have probably run into situations where you need to customize the contributor UI. WCS has provided some hooks for this, but often the documentation is too basic and requires more research and reverse engineering.

In an effort to shed some light into UI customization, at Function1 we have authored a series of UI customization blogs: How to build custom attribute editors in WebCenter Sites,...

How to build custom attribute editors in WebCenter Sites

Starting with WebCenter Sites 11g BP1, Oracle had introduced various ways to customize the UI interface. Function1 has other blogs that talk about some of these techniques: Altering WebCenter Sites 11gR1 & Customizing Toolbar Buttons in Oracle WebCenter Sites.  In this blog, I like to detail implementation steps to create a custom attribute editor. Attribute editors are used to customize asset forms. More...

Meet Function1 at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Function1 is proud to be presenting 2 sessions at Oracle OpenWorld.

Displaying Enterprise Content in Oracle WebCenter Sites and WebCenter Portal [CON6876]

With the latest version of Oracle WebCenter, you can surface documents and Web content stored in Oracle WebCenter Content in both Oracle WebCenter Sites and Oracle WebCenter Portal. There are many integration options, from single images and rendered HTML to an entire Website. Attend this session to learn how to use them and which option is...

WebCenter Sites 11g R1 ( First Look: The WebCenter Content Connector

.8 is Here!

With the latest release of WebCenter Sites 11gR1 ( or "dot 8"), Oracle has introduced a bevy of new features strengthening the product's appeal to developers and marketers alike. The Function1 WEM Team is hard at work dissecting these new features and will be sharing with you our findings in a series of blog posts dedicated to covering these latest product enhancements.

Introducing WebCenter Content Connector

The first in line for a "First Look" is the new integration point with Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC), the WebCenter Content Connector....

Realizing IT Compliance and High Perfomance Site Delivery with WebCenter Sites' Site Capture

What is Site Capture?

Site Capture is a web-based application that integrates with WebCenter Sites to allow for the generation of a "snap-shot" of your dynamically published website. The application consists of the Site Capture Interface accessible by the "Camera icon" from the WEM admin screen. The Site Capture interface allows you to create and configure web crawlers used to "capture" the state of your website at various times.  It does this by dynamically crawling and downloading site resources (html, js, images, css, etc.) from your site and writing them to the...

Customizing Toolbar Buttons in Oracle WebCenter Sites

It has never been easier to customize the WebCenter Sites toolbar, menus, search and dashboard with the latest changes in 11g BP1. To demonstrate one aspect, I’ll quickly explore adding a bookmark toolbar button.  To be more specific the button will only be active in the Web mode for an avisports article asset. This is similar to the example found in the 11gr1 bp1 UI Customizations Guide but bypasses a couple troublesome typos.



How to Add Your Own DAO to the GSF Actions

GSF's ActionController and Action classes (in GSF version 11.x) can make building a website in WebCenter SItes much easier. If you're not familiar with the GSF and why you should consider using it, then check out Tony's blog post. If you're building a website in WebCenter Sites, then there's a good chance you're not making a small "Hello World" website. Big, complex websites require lots of assets, which in turn can require lots of code to load and manage all these assets. And plus there's usually...

Setting up a Simple Workflow in Oracle WebCenter Sites

Welcome fellow enthusiasts of Oracle WebCenter Sites, to an introductory blog about how to set up a simple workflow!  As we all know, workflow is an integral aspect of any web content management system, and thus creating an efficient workflow is paramount to the overall success of the system and it’s business owners.

The particular workflow we will design is modest yet effective.

There are 2 main Roles of users:

  • ContentAuthor – creates/edits content
  • ContentApprover – approves content for publishing

Go ahead and create these 2 Roles, and...

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