Realizing IT Compliance and High Perfomance Site Delivery with WebCenter Sites' Site Capture

What is Site Capture?

Site Capture is a web-based application that integrates with WebCenter Sites to allow for the generation of a "snap-shot" of your dynamically published website. The application consists of the Site Capture Interface accessible by the "Camera icon" from the WEM admin screen. The Site Capture interface allows you to create and configure web crawlers used to "capture" the state of your website at various times.  It does this by dynamically crawling and downloading site resources (html, js, images, css, etc.) from your site and writing them to the...

Terms of Endearment - Part 1: Understanding High Availability

Hello this is my first post of a multi-part series of topics covering terms that are often misused or generally confusing. There are a number of topics I want to cover at a general 101 level before looking at each in more detail during a 202 series.

So without further a dieu, those of you that have had the pleasure of working with us may already know that for some reason people confuse Vasanth for me, and vice versa. While we are both awesome people, I assure you we are in fact different people with different parents that aren't even related to each...

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