Operational Intelligence practice

Operational Intelligence

Maximize Your Data's Potential with Function1.

Function1 offers real-time Operational Intelligence for intricate, dynamic environments in order to gain visibility into business operations. Function1 will convert the extensive amount of machine-generated data your enterprise acquires on a daily basis into profitable business insight.

Our highly specialized Operational Intelligence team will benefit your organization by:

  • Deriving business understanding from machine data
  • Correlating events between different systems
  • Identifying outliers from historical trends
  • Minimizing detection times and quickly reacting to situations.

Through our partnership with Splunk, we deliver reports, alerts, and dashboards that capture, index, and correlate real-time data in order to generate graphs, reports, alerts, and visualizations based on your business and technical needs. Function1 deployments provide immediate value and will stimulate your organization to operate at peak efficiency.

Our Services

  • Installation and Upgrades

  • Health Checks

  • Data Onboarding

  • Dashboard & App Development

  • Education Services

  • Performance Tuning

  • Virtual Workshops

  • Consulting

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