How the JAMstack Empowers Comedian Rajiv Satyal

Rajiv Satyal is a comedian, host, and speaker based out of Los Angeles. You might know him from his viral video I Am Indian, or his journey to perform standup on all 7 continents, or maybe you recognize his voice from narrating Netflix's hit docuseries Indian Matchmaking. Rajiv initially came to Function1 looking for a design refresh to give...

Localization Matters: 6-Tips For Delivering Meaningful Global Customer Experiences

Localization drives market growth by reaching global customers by breaking down language and cultural barriers. But if delivering a brand-consistent, locally relevant experience sounds daunting, you’re not alone.

To help ease some of that anxiety, here are some things to consider in order to better prepare your team for its localization efforts.


1.     Plan Ahead

“Going into translating support blindly isn’t a good idea for companies that are just starting to know multilingual customer support,” says Patricia Shipley, a marketer at...

Python 2’s End-of-Life is rapidly approaching, here’s what that means for your Splunk Deployment

In case you missed it, the version of Python that Splunk currently bundles and ships in Enterprise (Python 2.7) will be end-of-life January 1, 2020. How will this impact your Splunk deployment? Here's our detailed guide!

The What

Since a lot of Splunk customization can be achieved through Python, Splunk Enterprise now supports Python 3 and any Apps or Add-ons with Python 2.7 code will need to be updated to Python 3 compatibility. 

The When

Python 3 is bundled with Splunk...

Splunk .conf19 Preview: Add these 5 must-see sessions to your schedule

In just a few days, we’ll be heading (back) to Vegas for Splunk .conf19 - the 10th anniversary of Splunk’s biggest event of the year - and this time we’re bringing our expertise to the Developer track (more on that later). As a proud Splunk PS partner and .conf veterans, it’s been exciting to watch the event evolve...

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