Stop Press: Publishing Stopped With NullPointerException

“Stop Press” or “Stop The Presses” is a term used in the print media industry, it is used when the need to change content arises during or just before or during printing to stop the printing press. This unfortunately places publishing of all content on hold until it is resolved. With the digital media age, this term has somewhat become obsolete as more and more content is consumed, published and delivered digitally typically through Content Management Systems such as Oracle’s WebCenter Sites.

Though the need to change content does not stop...

Integrating Twitter and WCS: A Primer On Asset Event Listeners And Other Mechanisms

Welcome back!

In my previous article, I outlined the different mechanisms in WCS for plugging your own ad-hoc logic into the asset save processing flow.

Before diving into the subject at hand, here are a couple of things we are NOT going to resolve in this article:

  • The "best possible" asset model for supporting Twitter integration.
    • Asset model, like any data model, varies significantly depending on each...

Publishing WCS content to multiple environments

Many organizations want to keep content published to a live site and Disaster Recovery (DR) site on a real-time basis to ensure that latest content will be available in case of a disaster.  Prior to the WebCenter Sites 11gR1BP1 Release, we needed to develop a workflow step action and approve the content to both destinations.  This approach has its own problems, and required users to run publish two separate times – one for each environment.

But with 11gR1BP1, Oracle has provided the necessary publishing hookups, which enable developers to transport the content to multiple...

Realizing IT Compliance and High Perfomance Site Delivery with WebCenter Sites' Site Capture

What is Site Capture?

Site Capture is a web-based application that integrates with WebCenter Sites to allow for the generation of a "snap-shot" of your dynamically published website. The application consists of the Site Capture Interface accessible by the "Camera icon" from the WEM admin screen. The Site Capture interface allows you to create and configure web crawlers used to "capture" the state of your website at various times.  It does this by dynamically crawling and downloading site resources (html, js, images, css, etc.) from your site and writing them to the...

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