WebCenter Sites 11g R1 ( First Look: The WebCenter Content Connector

.8 is Here!

With the latest release of WebCenter Sites 11gR1 ( or "dot 8"), Oracle has introduced a bevy of new features strengthening the product's appeal to developers and marketers alike. The Function1 WEM Team is hard at work dissecting these new features and will be sharing with you our findings in a series of blog posts dedicated to covering these latest product enhancements.

Introducing WebCenter Content Connector

The first in line for a "First Look" is the new integration point with Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC), the WebCenter Content Connector....

Moving to ECM

Companies, similar to humans, have norms and habits and Function1 has one.  Towards the last quarter of the year, the Function1 fraternity gets to be in teams of threes where each team is tasked with selecting a technology, researching it and, in an exotic company retreat during the month of January, presenting it to the other team members.  Given that we come from different schools of thought, it isn't always easy to agree on a technology among the team members (though we are only three) but then democracy prevails (sort of) and the most senior person picks a technology! In the end, our...

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