WebCenter Sites Dojo Tips & Tricks

WebCenter Sites allows you to customize the UI in many ways. Much of the UI is rendered using Dojo, but very little of WCS's Dojo APIs are documented. Here are a few simple Dojo code snippets that may be of use to you:

Display Info, Warning, or Error messages

The WebCenter Sites developer guide describes how to display an "info" message (the green message pictured above), but you can also display warning (yellow) and error (red) messages:

var view = SitesApp.getActiveView(); // the active view (AKA the current tab)
view.info("OK Message.");            // display...

Being Unique is All About Being Different

Unique: (adjective) Existing as the only one.

Being unique is something we strive for, to be the only one of “us”. Wouldn’t you like for your Splunk app to be the same? For customers to use your app and see your color, your logo, your complete customization.


Here is my app, F1 Demo, as “bare bones” or basic.

Extending the Power of Pivot

Data models were introduced with the release of Splunk 6 back in Oct of 2013. By now, Splunk users are aware of the pivot feature that allows them to build various types of reports that are fueled by data models without having to know the Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL). The Pivot Editor is a great way to build these reports, it allows users to simply point and click their way to creating reports/charts/graphs that provide great insight. This feature is great for users that only want to use the Pivot Editor to create their reports. However, you cannot add the Pivot Editor to a...

Customizing Toolbar Buttons in Oracle WebCenter Sites

It has never been easier to customize the WebCenter Sites toolbar, menus, search and dashboard with the latest changes in 11g BP1. To demonstrate one aspect, I’ll quickly explore adding a bookmark toolbar button.  To be more specific the button will only be active in the Web mode for an avisports article asset. This is similar to the example found in the 11gr1 bp1 UI Customizations Guide but bypasses a couple troublesome typos.



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