Hippo, getting underway with this animal

Acquired by BloomReach in late 2016, Hippo exists today as an open-sourced CMS over at onehippo.org. The community site over at onehippo is a great landing area for tutorials, documentation, and an active forum for discussions. Hippo can be seen as a viable open-source option for those shopping for choices; boasting a lasting and continuing development path, being java based, living now as an open-sourced...

Setting up a Simple Workflow in Oracle WebCenter Sites

Welcome fellow enthusiasts of Oracle WebCenter Sites, to an introductory blog about how to set up a simple workflow!  As we all know, workflow is an integral aspect of any web content management system, and thus creating an efficient workflow is paramount to the overall success of the system and it’s business owners.

The particular workflow we will design is modest yet effective.

There are 2 main Roles of users:

  • ContentAuthor – creates/edits content
  • ContentApprover – approves content for publishing

Go ahead and create these 2 Roles, and...

Oracle WebCenter Sites Asset Modeling: An Introduction

Welcome everyone, to an introductory blog about Oracle WebCenter Sites (WCS) Asset Modeling.  Asset Modeling is the first major step in planning and designing the structure of a website using WCS.

When you sit down to analyze the requirements of a website, you should first compartmentalize all the different aspects and sections that will be necessary to fulfill the requirements.  This approach will eventually lead to the most efficient design and modeling of assets for the website.

For example, how many different kinds of webpages do we need? Can any subsections of webpages...

Oracle WebCenter Sites Mobility vs. Responsive Web Design

If you are a Oracle WebCenter Sites (FatWire Content Server) customer, I am sure one of the questions you ask yourself is: "Is my site optimized for mobile"? With different devices such as iPads, Android Tablets, iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerrys and non-touch web-enabled devices (yes there are few of them still out there!) all in different sizes, screen resolutions and browsers, it’s tough to ensure your end users have a great experience interacting with your site.  Here is where Responsive Web Design and packaged products such as Oracle WebCenter Sites Mobility Server come into play....

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