Work From Home Successfully

While working from a virtual environment offers many benefits, it can sometimes be challenging with all of the various distractions, which you may not experience in an office environment.  From thinking about and tackling your day-to-day responsibilities, to having a television nearby, all of these things can easily run you off course making it difficult to concentrate on work and manage your time efficiently.

Below are some tips that can help curb those distractions, and allow for you to be successful in the workplace, whether you work from an office or not.

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5 Ways to Beat Creative Block

We've all heard of (and have probably experienced) the much-feared Writer's Block so it should come as no surprise that the designer's version, Creative Block, haunts even the best in the game from time-to-time. Let's face it, when being creative is your lifeline day-in and day-out, it's easy to feel overwhelmed at just the thought of ideating. Is the idea of coming up with yet another innovative, mind-blowing and client-pleasing layout keeping you up at night? You're probably experiencing that dreaded Creative Block. But, not to worry! This is so common among creators that you'll find...

No Take Backs – Tips on Email Etiquette

I’m sure you send and receive so many messages each day and have made a mistake or two that you wish you could take back. We’ve all been there and it’s something that sticks with us for days.  You think about the all the other different ways you should’ve written the message whether it’s right before you go to bed or when you’re taking a shower. 

In face-to-face communication, we rely heavily on non-verbal information like facial expression, body posture, gestures, and the tone on one’s voice to interpret a message. None of this exists when communicating electronically.  Without...

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