Agile State of Mind (Part 2)

After accepting the Agile methodology through managing a project and experiencing its benefits, I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the challenges I've faced and lessons I've learned along the way.
First and foremost, managing a project without fully validating the initial list of user stories can cause a domino effect of hurdles to jump over later on. Even though the product backlog is a living document and user stories are added/modified all the time, there is a fair amount of work that must be done in preparation for that first sprint. For example...

Multi-site Implementations: Like Money...Mo Websites Mo Problems!

What is Multi-site?

Generally speaking, multi-site is a feature that allows for the sharing of web application resources among several websites on a single software installation and provides "easy-to-use" facilities for the creation, management, and maintenance of multiple websites.

Is Multi-site right for me?

Does your organization require the ability to launch new websites quickly?

Is your organization comprised of distinct brands with their own web identity and possibly web/IT staff?

Is business booming and now you need a site dedicated to incoming business from an...

Deepica Mutyala, 'Tinted' Founder, Empowering Women Through Representation

Deepica Mutyala wants women (and girls) everywhere to know that we can all win. As a 16-year-old girl growing up in Texas, Deepica found herself with a frustrating problem: not being able to find makeup that was made for her skin tone. She'd leave the store feeling defeated and disheartened, having to settle for a purchase and mixing multiple shades in order to achieve the perfect tint. She vowed to one day create a beauty line for South Asian Women to address this need and ensure that other young girls wouldn't experience the same isolating feelings of exclusion.  

It may have been...

Reading Trace Logs with Splunk Add-on for SQL Server

Hello fellow Splunkers! In this blog post, we will outline how to utilize the Splunk Add-on for Microsoft SQL Server to ingest the binary trace log data that is generated by SQL Server. 

In order to accomplish this objective, we must first establish a connection to the SQL Server instance using DB Connect. This of course involves creating an "Identity" that can authenticate to the database instance, and then creating a "Connection" via that Identity. This connection needs to be facilitated by a database driver, and one pitfall to watch out for here is to make sure to choose the...

Women Empowering Women: The Founder of Lucky Saidaty on Changing the Game for Women in the Middle East

March is Women's History Month; a time for recognizing and reflecting upon the achievements of trailblazing women across the globe. I had the honor of speaking with one such disruptor: Saphia Cadet, Founder and CEO of Lucky Saidaty. Lucky Saidaty is an online community that allows women in the Arab world to connect through its...

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