Simplify Your WCS Controllers With Your Own Asset Reader

Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c introduced the new Asset Reader API. While you may not be ready to use it in your code - maybe your existing DAOs are working just fine or perhaps for performance reasons - you might be thinking: "Wouldn't it be nice if my controller code was this short and simple?" With a few simple code...

Are you getting the insights you expect from your website search?

When considering search, the first thought is generally SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Both involve driving and maximizing the visitors to a site or a given page.  However, once they get there, are they getting what they want? Maybe. Can we do more? Probably. How? One way is to factor in the insights from your website search when selecting the content to show them.

We live in a content-centric age where a vast quantity of content is available to everyone. The trick is not only to get people to your site to see your content and show them relevant...

Maximizing Your Oracle WebCenter Sites Content Management Training - PART II

Welcome to the second installment of Maximizing your WebCenter Sites Training. In the first article, I outlined a number of recommendations that focused on getting the most out of User, Developer, and Administrative CMS training.  It is critical that attendees know how to hit-the-ground-running, are engaged in system adoptance, and that all groups push towards a successful rollout. In this post, we'll focus on scheduling as it applies to an Enterprise Content Management implementation.

Carefully inject...

Extending the REST API Outside of the Box for WebCenter Sites 12c

While the default REST API in WebCenter Sites 12c continues to provide the same basic and key functionalities for developers to use; if a developer or a project required a deeper and more targeted Sites specific task to be implemented, then this is where a customized controller and tailored end-point would have a place to shine.

Out of the Box

Out of the gate, WCS provides a decent collection of...

Get More Out of Splunk in 2018 with These Powerful Products

You might have noticed that our Operational Intelligence team was busy in 2017. Between three different product launches. . . you're probably wondering: when do they sleep? I'm still not sure the answer to that, but we're pretty proud of all the sweat, blood, and tears that have gone into elevating our services and extending the power of Splunk for our customers; and so I thought it might be helpful to pull together a quick round-up of the latest and greatest Operational Intelligence products by Function1. 

Bloodhound App for Splunk


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