Extending the REST API Outside of the Box for WebCenter Sites 12c

While the default REST API in WebCenter Sites 12c continues to provide the same basic and key functionalities for developers to use; if a developer or a project required a deeper and more targeted Sites specific task to be implemented, then this is where a customized controller and tailored end-point would have a place to shine....

Controllers, At Last!

The buzz-worthy release of Oracle's WebCenter Sites 12c gives us many reasons to perk up and take note. Among the unveiled features is a long-overdue Model-View-Controller framework; this shiny, new implementation finally provides developers with a clear and clean path for wiring together and rendering content. In the past, we had described a few work-arounds that were viable stand-ins for this piece...

A Complete Guide to Understanding the Splunk Add-on Builder

In this post, we'll walk through the ins and outs of the Splunk Add-on Builder. Not only does the Splunk Add-on Builder help users avoid common pitfalls during app development, it also validates apps according to best practices and app certification standards.  

On the app homepage, you'll see every add-on created using the Splunk Add-on Builder, along with those already installed on the instance. An Add-on Builder project is an editable add-on along with its meta data. Beyond editing capabilities, you're also able to export projects for use with other instances of Add-on Builder....

Enhance your WCS Dashboard Widgets with D3.js

As far back as I can remember, WebCenter Sites' Contributor UI dashboard widgets have been simple HTML tables full of text. Behold, D3.js, a JavaScript library that helps "bring your data to life" and easily create animated graphics. 

A good use case for this is the two dashboard widgets that come with Function1's LingoTek inside WebCenter Sites product (pictured below), which simply show some numbers about recent activity between WCS and Lingotek.



Fix: Importing elements from a JSK using CatalogMover

Recently ran into an interesting situation working with the current release of the WebCenter Sites JSK ( that I felt was worth noting. While most aspects of the JSK and development environment are packed away into tidy shell scripts ( start, stop, cleanup, etc.), using the CatalogMover utility would often fail when trying to perform a catalog import.

Using CatalogMover to perform an element import is a common step in many set-ups, from installing GSF, to populating a fresh development environment with existing elements.

Attempting to...

Splunk: Modular Inputs

I often blog about Drupal, but recently I worked on a Splunk App, so thought about sharing my experience because it was an interesting one.  For that Splunk App, I was on the Function1 Slack channel posting an endless stream of Splunk related questions and my colleagues provided tremendous support, patiently responding to my non-stop inquiries. It is great working among such a great pool of talented individuals.

The gist of the Splunk App is to dynamically post a JSON request to a RESTful API (the client developed the API) that returns a JSON response, and then send the response to...

WebCenter Sites Dojo Tips & Tricks

WebCenter Sites allows you to customize the UI in many ways. Much of the UI is rendered using Dojo, but very little of WCS's Dojo APIs are documented. Here are a few simple Dojo code snippets that may be of use to you:

Display Info, Warning, or Error messages

The WebCenter Sites developer guide describes how to display an "info" message (the green message pictured above), but you can also display warning (yellow) and error (red) messages:

var view = SitesApp.getActiveView(); // the active view (AKA the current tab)
view.info("OK Message.");            // display...

A Dabble in Agile

One of our more recent projects took us agile. It was a great learning experience and the take-aways were generally positive. The agile methodology places a satisfied customer and continuous delivery at the forefront. By adhering to a number of the Agile Manifesto tenets the team is able to deliver value faster and the feedback loop between the developer and customer is narrowed down considerably. This focused feedback loop allows for a rapid realigning of expectations and goals from persistent contact and collaboration with the team involved.
Utilizing agile...

Altering WebCenter Sites 11g R1

In my last article , I discussed modifying an existing toolbar button in WebCenter Sites 11g R1.  That article was a good primer and now I’ll take the customization into something more applicable.   I’ll step through creating a button tied to a simple onClick event and then expand to an ajax call to a CS Element.

These customization steps are valid from version 11 R1 to the latest  To digress a bit, I recommend you try these examples on the latest WCS version...

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