What Non-EU Companies need to know about GDPR

A Disclaimer

I am no lawyer, but you probably already assumed this (I hope I hope I hope ... ). So, whatever you read here is informed by my own third party readings. However, you should definitely begin a dialogue with your legal team to determine if you are directly in this legislation's line of sight. By the end of this short post, you should be able to determine if you are in it's crosshair! Duck!

If you are first hearing about GDPR and your organization does most of its business primarily online and for the EU market then its probably a little late in the game (with...

Modern User Profile Management and GDPR

What does your business think about its customers’ privacy? Since the dawn of the internet, the answer to this question has varied from company to company. Some organizations have gone to great lengths to protect personal information, while others literally exist to aggregate and sell it to the highest bidder. All of this will change starting in May of this year.
Citizens of the European Union have sought a more transparent, responsible, and trustworthy attitude towards consumers from its businesses. This has ultimately led to the creation of Regulation 2016/679,...

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