Simplify Your WCS Controllers With Your Own Asset Reader

Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c introduced the new Asset Reader API. While you may not be ready to use it in your code - maybe your existing DAOs are working just fine or perhaps for performance reasons - you might be thinking: "Wouldn't it be nice if my controller code was this short and simple?" With a few simple code...

UI Customizations with Oracle JET in Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c

Before You Begin

This blog assumes that you're familiar with Oracle JET, its custom modules, and overriding the default path/suffix configuration for JET modules so that you can include them as assets in your WebCenter Sites implementation. Otherwise, you may want to begin by reading this blog: Creating Oracle JET Modules as Assets in Oracle WebCenter Sites.


WCS 11g’s Admin and Contributor UIs are built with a version of Dojo that does...

Creating a Name/Value Attribute Editor in Oracle WebCenter Sites

There are times when the attribute editors built into WebCenter Sites don't have all the functionality you might need. For instance, you may want to create a custom pull-down list, where the items or names that show in the list are not the same as the value that gets saved to the database. In this article, we'll discuss how to create an attribute editor that can display a list of choices that are mapped to other values, displaying properly when your asset is reloaded. 
The first step will be to create a new attribute editor from the admin UI. In this example, let'...

Implementing CKEditor Customizations in Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c

As many WebCenter Sites developers already know, the flexibility of the CKEditor attribute editor allows us to apply customizations to it. Actually, implementing these customizations isn't always the easiest task. For the newest 12c version, Oracle's official documentation can, unfortunately, be quite confusing.

To help clarify how to implement CKEditor customizations in 12c, this blog will outline simple instructions on how to customize the CKEditor toolbar.

Say for instance that we have an attribute called "Abstract," and it needs a basic, simplified CKEditor as its...

Enhance your WCS Dashboard Widgets with D3.js

As far back as I can remember, WebCenter Sites' Contributor UI dashboard widgets have been simple HTML tables full of text. Behold, D3.js, a JavaScript library that helps "bring your data to life" and easily create animated graphics. 

A good use case for this is the two dashboard widgets that come with Function1's LingoTek inside WebCenter Sites product (pictured below), which simply show some numbers about recent activity between WCS and Lingotek.



Installing Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c

The following tutorial, by Function1's Michael Crawford, takes you step by step through the process of installing WebCenter Sites 12c from scratch, including installing Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Infrastructure, and then Sites itself. You will be guided through each step with screenshots of the entire process.

Login as oracle user

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Files are on desktop

They can be...

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