Multi-site Implementations: Like Money...Mo Websites Mo Problems!

What is Multi-site?

Generally speaking, multi-site is a feature that allows for the sharing of web application resources among several websites on a single software installation and provides "easy-to-use" facilities for the creation, management, and maintenance of multiple websites.

Is Multi-site right for me?

Does your organization require the ability to launch new websites quickly?

Is your organization comprised of distinct brands with their own web identity and possibly web/IT staff?

Is business booming and now you need a site dedicated to incoming...

A Quick Start Guide for Oracle Endeca Commerce


As a consultant  working with Oracle products (first WebCenter Interaction Portal and now WebCenter Sites) the buzz words often abound and new strategic acquisitions regularly muddy Oracle's software offering waters from the perspective of developers, development managers and software strategists.  In this blog, I'll briefly talk about Endeca's offerings and then take a deeper dive into Endeca Guided search by describing what it is, some of the moving parts, and finally walking through an installation of Endeca in a...

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