Raising the Usability Ante with Card Sorting

If your company has a website, you've probably heard the “Usability” buzzword (your site's ease of use) thrown around a lot with the popularity of user-center design – with studies showing its direct correlation to increased ROI.

The objective of any website is to facilitate marketing conversions, whether it's making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or lead generation via email/web form (to name a few). In order for your target audience to complete these conversions, it’s...

Success Story: The SAPAN Institute


The Opportunity:

The SAPAN Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, collaboration, advancement and celebration of South Asian performing arts. SAPAN came to Function1 with a need to modernize and streamline their existing WordPress site.
Creating the new sapanarts.org provided an excellent opportunity to dig into the details of configuring, theming and coding on this latest and greatest Drupal platform. This build yielded rewarding results on top of...

Being Unique is All About Being Different

Unique: (adjective) Existing as the only one.

Being unique is something we strive for, to be the only one of “us”. Wouldn’t you like for your Splunk app to be the same? For customers to use your app and see your color, your logo, your complete customization.


Here is my app, F1 Demo, as “bare bones” or basic.

Success Story: A Responsive Solution for the Toronto School of Theology


"The new website is fantastic. I . . . am still having fun exploring all it has to offer."
- Board Vice-Chair, Toronto School of Theology


The Opportunity

The Toronto School of Theology (TST) is the largest ecumenical consortium for theological education in Canada with its seven member schools (...

Content Strategy is the New Black

We’ve all heard that Content is King (sounds a little misogynistic if you ask me), so the practice (art, really) of planning, developing and managing your royal highness is the knight in shining armor.

Can You Use it in a Sentence?

So, what exactly is Content Strategy, anyway? If you Google “Content Strategy” you’re sure to find a plethora of definitions and will probably fall down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, so we’ll do the hard work for you. In an interview with...

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