No Content Server Explorer for Mac OS? No Problem!

After years of owning a PC and taking my environment setup for granted, I landed with a Mac OS that has proven to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to spinning up the 11g JSK. Among the drawbacks is the lack of a Content Server Explorer (CS-Explorer) as the JSK stores it as an executable.

The lack of a Mac installer for the explorer within the JSK is not drastic. Technically, miracles can happen - or close enough - when you have an Intel processor and the help of a third-party tool. However, today I have decided to take a completely different route. Come to think of it, the...

Does Your WebCenter Sites Deployment Need a Health Check?

Just as you and I (should) go to the doctor regularly for checkups, major IT systems like WebCenter Sites should also get an occasional health check to ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency. As a complicated enterprise product, there are many potential issues that can impact WebCenter Sites’ performance, uptime, and ease of use. Some issues result from misconfigured settings, or problems that develop over time, including: performance issues due to memory usage, disk space, and database size.

If your environments are experiencing unexpected downtimes and users (or...

Implementing CKEditor Customizations in Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c

As many WebCenter Sites developers already know, the flexibility of the CKEditor attribute editor allows us to apply customizations to it. Actually, implementing these customizations isn't always the easiest task. For the newest 12c version, Oracle's official documentation can, unfortunately, be quite confusing.

To help clarify how to implement CKEditor customizations in 12c, this blog will outline simple instructions on how to customize the CKEditor toolbar.

Say for instance that we have an attribute called "Abstract," and it needs a basic, simplified CKEditor as its...

Back Door to Modify an Out-of-the-Box Element When You Only Have Access to the UI

Quite often you need to modify an out-of-the-box element in Oracle WebCenter Sites to either make a change or add some debug code.  Also just as often we don't actually have the access we need to modify said element because it is a simple Element Catalog element and we only have access to the UI.

Do not fret, there is a little trick you can use to gain access to the element for modification.  Simply wrap it with a CSElement.  

If you create a CSElement and give it the full name of the element you are trying to modify it will magically hook up to the actual code.


Investigating Sites Tables in R

A very common theme is being asked to do some analysis on a WebCenter Sites installation but not having direct access to the system.

In this blog we will show you how you can take simple Sites Explorer or Catalog Mover exports and interrogate them in R.

If you are not familiar with R you can find more information at  Basically it is a statistical programing language which does many things like you would do in Excel except programatically.

First we load up the XML library to process the html files:...

Putting WebCenter Sites 12c on Amazon EC2

For local developer environments in the previous version of WebCenter Sites, 11g, developers had use of a Jump Start Kit (JSK) that was relatively lean and self-contained. The footprint of the JSK, while not trivial, was roughly the same as a small-ish virtual machine. With the latest release of WCS 12c (12.2.1) a JSK does not currently exist, and as a developer testing integration, or building functional pieces currently requires a complete install of Sites.

In an earlier post by Michael, he discussed the process of getting up and running with WebCenter Sites 12c step-by-step. In...

Managing AngularJS Content within Oracle WebCenter Sites

There are a multitude of reasons organizations will turn to a content management system, but the underlying goal is the same across the board: Managing your content in an organized way.  The examples that first come to mind include managing assets such as page titles, articles, images, but what happens when a more complex asset is introduced like an AngularJS widget?

A Tale of Two Cities:

With WebCenter Sites you don’t have to give up control of the contents of your organization’s widgets. Out of the box WebCenter Sites does not natively support...

Vanity URLs in OWCS Known Bugs as of Patch 12

Oracle Webcenter Sites' vanity URLs have quickly become one of the most popular features in this product.

Multiple clients have already benefited from this feature significantly, but they've also had to struggle as bugs and shortcomings impacted their respective projects.

In the years we've been assessing clients on the use of OWCS, we've found frustration in many cases, derived from their not being aware not only of the existance of those flaws but, more importantly, the impact they have on the technical solutions they've implemented around their websites' business...

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