I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts!!!

A Campfire and a Scary Story

With All Hallows Eve aka Halloween fast approaching (my favorite made-up holiday of the year), I figured I would share a little tale of fright, mayhem, blood, and hair raising shrieks in the night... you know, to get you in a spooky mood. So, here goes nothin'... [The setting is night time around a camp fire in a dark wooded area] Once upon a time in quaint southern town, the home of a massive titan of web commerce, there was a web content management deployment with the name WebCenter Sites (WCS). About 3 or 4 months ago, WCS users were ecstatic as...

Vanity URLs in OWCS Known Bugs as of Patch 12

Oracle Webcenter Sites' vanity URLs have quickly become one of the most popular features in this product.

Multiple clients have already benefited from this feature significantly, but they've also had to struggle as bugs and shortcomings impacted their respective projects.

In the years we've been assessing clients on the use of OWCS, we've found frustration in many cases, derived from their not being aware not only of the existance of those flaws but, more importantly, the impact they have on the technical solutions they've implemented around their websites' business...

Bug Hunting Tips

If you grew up in a rural area like I did, you probably once knew about the joys of lightning bug hunting on a warm summer’s evening. A master bug hunter could not just go outside and find the bugs. You needed the correct tools, the correct team, andthe correct plan of action. Personally, I loved catching lightning bugs, and had it down to a proven methodology.

When I was still new to firefly hunting, I would try to catch them with one hand, and transport them to another hand without squishing or losing the bugs. Of course, I lost more than I caught. The best methodology is to...

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