The Universality of Devices

Device detection is handled smartly within Oracle WebCenter Sites, but unfortunately there is no clear wiggle room if one wants to not follow Oracle’s recommendation when it comes to mobile support. The platform sniffs out if you are on a desktop or any other mobile device listed in the Device Repository (simple xml file that contains properties for each device that an application wants to differentiate upon). You might think: “Amazing! And WCS already has a file listing relevant default/common devices! I have less work to do.” For a few minutes, you are as happy can be. Until you load...

How To Programmatically Create Vanity URLs

Since version 11gR1, WebCenter Sites has natively provided the capability to allow editors to create vanity URLs for assets out of the box.  Even before that frameworks such as the GSF extended the core product to provide that functionality.  With the SEO benefits and pleasant visitor experience, Vanity URLs have become a necessary feature without which websites’ cannot launch.

WebCenter Sites has the built-in capability to automatically generate vanity URLs upon asset creation via a set pattern.  However there are situations where content is created prior to this mechanism being...

Vanity URLs in OWCS Known Bugs as of Patch 12

Oracle Webcenter Sites' vanity URLs have quickly become one of the most popular features in this product.

Multiple clients have already benefited from this feature significantly, but they've also had to struggle as bugs and shortcomings impacted their respective projects.

In the years we've been assessing clients on the use of OWCS, we've found frustration in many cases, derived from their not being aware not only of the existance of those flaws but, more importantly, the impact they have on the technical solutions they've implemented around their websites' business...

Vanity URLs in WebCenter Sites 11g Release 1

The latest release of WebCenter Sites, 11g Release 1 (, now includes vanity URL support. If you’ve ever used GSF’s vanity URLs, this will look very familiar to you. WebCenter Sites’s implementation, however, does contain some slight differences. More significantly, there are some nice enhancements compared to the GSF vanity URLs.

The purpose of this post isn’t to bore you with all the technical details of how the vanity URLs are setup. For all those details, check out the Oracle WebCenter Sites documentation (...

How to use Vanity URLs in the GSF with WebCenter Sites

WebCenter Sites does not support vanity URLs without customization.  The GSF provides a great vanity URL package that is flexible and easy to use, and this post will describe how to set it up.


First, a little background.  Native URLs in WebCenter Sites all have to include a query string parameter called "pagename".  If the page is rendering an asset, "c" and "cid" are also included, and recently, other parameters like "childpagename" have crept into the standard set of parameters that are found in URLs.  This simply doesn't cut...

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