GSF 12 Is Finally Here!

GSF-12 is finally here! Yay!!!

This new version comprehends brand new features, but also a major reorganization of the entire project's codebase and several features getting deprecated in benefit of some of WebCenter Sites 12c's native features.

This is the first GSF release which embraces WCS 12c's features and rendering practices.
The main goals of this new release were:
  • Providing the means for clients out there already using GSF to reuse as much of their existing code as possible when upgrading from WCS 11.x to WCS 12c,
  • ...

Fix: Importing elements from a JSK using CatalogMover

Recently ran into an interesting situation working with the current release of the WebCenter Sites JSK ( that I felt was worth noting. While most aspects of the JSK and development environment are packed away into tidy shell scripts ( start, stop, cleanup, etc.), using the CatalogMover utility would often fail when trying to perform a catalog import.

Using CatalogMover to perform an element import is a common step in many set-ups, from installing GSF, to populating a fresh development environment with existing elements.

Attempting to...

WebCenter Sites 12c Performance with Asset Reader API and Groovy

WebCenter Sites 12c introduces a number of new APIs to use when building out your sites. The developer documentation puts an emphasis on using an MVC approach that is aided by the new groovy controllers and reader APIs including the new asset reader API. Using an MVC approach to build out a site allows for a nice and clean separation of your business logic from the display logic. You can see the official documenation on all the APIs at and also at...

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