Success Story: AVIO Consulting, An Interactive Experience

"Function1's expertise and collaborative approach made the redesign process seamless. Thanks for bringing our vision for AVIO's refreshed digital presence to life, we are very proud of the end product."
- Brandon Dean, AVIO Consulting

About AVIO Consulting
AVIO is a consulting leader in the Oracle Fusion Middleware and Mulesoft spaces. Though best known for its Oracle portfolio, AVIO also provides world-class solutions in the cloud, digital transformation, mobile, process, and strategy fields. AVIO came...

Success Story: The SAPAN Institute

The Opportunity:

The SAPAN Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, collaboration, advancement and celebration of South Asian performing arts. SAPAN came to Function1 with a need to modernize and streamline their existing WordPress site.
Creating the new provided an excellent opportunity to dig into the details of configuring, theming and coding on this latest and greatest Drupal platform. This build yielded rewarding results on top of...

Dude, Where's My Block?

Blocks have gotten a whole lot of core functionality in Drupal 8.  The new interface can trip you up as you get used to the changes, especially when you start adding Views blocks into the mix.

Drupal 8 Block Overview 

Drupal 8 blocks are managed from the same location as in Drupal 7, Admin > Structure > Block, but the new menu, with tabs for Block Layout and Custom Block Library, is your first hint that something has changed under the hood.


A Quick Migration of WordPress to Drupal 8

I recently discussed a DIRECT workflow for migrating WordPress to Drupal 8.  

That process assumes you want to install WordPress on your local computer. But, remember that WordPress, being a CMS like Drupal, also requires Apache, mySQL and PHP.  Below I'll show you how to get that local WordPress environment setup.  BUT, the thought of setting up a new development environment for Wordpress might make you cringe, especially if you love Drupal the way I do.  If so, skip that part, you really don...

A Direct Migration of WordPress to Drupal 8

Migrations from WordPress to Drupal are required when customers are standardizing on Drupal to ease institutional IT staffing requirements, or they just want the many additional customization capabilities built into Drupal.  Here is how to migrate your WordPress data directly into Drupal 8 using the Migrate API.

Here is one workflow to get started quickly …

1.    Setup your D8 site (drupal-8-0-5) locally.  This blog post assumes your WP site is already setup on your local environment....

A Quick Migration of Drupal 6 to Drupal 8

Over the last half year I’ve been involved in different migration projects for different customers.  These migrations commonly involved moving WordPress to Drupal-6, WP-to-D7, D6-to-D7, and D7-to-D8.

Migrations are way to move content from its original (source) site to its updated (target) site.  It's done in a structured way to save a LOT of work when compared to rebuilding a site from scratch. 

The funnest migration so far I’ve been involved with migrated a very large proprietary CMS portal site into a customized Drupal 7 distribution (OpenAtrium).  The original site was...

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