User-Centered Design: User Personas vs. User Stories

In my last post, Content Strategy is the New Black, I walked through the process of planning for the creation, delivery and maintenance of web content and alluded to its crucial role in User Experience and User-centered Design. But, if you’re new to User Experience and/or Content Strategy (and let’s face it – with both being relatively new-ish to the web scene – you most likely are) then there are probably some parts of the methodology causing confusion.  No stranger to this, for my next article, I wanted to...

Content Strategy is the New Black

We’ve all heard that Content is King (sounds a little misogynistic if you ask me), so the practice (art, really) of planning, developing and managing your royal highness is the knight in shining armor.

Can You Use it in a Sentence?

So, what exactly is Content Strategy, anyway? If you Google “Content Strategy” you’re sure to find a plethora of definitions and will probably fall down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, so we’ll do the hard work for you. In an interview with...

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