Raising the Usability Ante with Card Sorting

If your company has a website, you've probably heard the “Usability” buzzword (your site's ease of use) thrown around a lot with the popularity of user-center design – with studies showing its direct correlation to increased ROI.

The objective of any website is to facilitate marketing conversions, whether it's making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or lead generation via email/web form (to name a few). In order for your target audience to complete these conversions, it’s...

Reducing Click Counts for WebCenter Sites Users

Click-iddy Click Click Click

The usability of a system can and will effect the level of satisfcation that users feel when working with it. This will impact the initial adoption of a new system injected into a workplace as well as the overall satisfaction with it over time. In the case of WebCenter Sites, as an Adminstrator, it is to your advantage to reduce click counts during content authoring and system use thus keeping contributors working efficiently. This goes a long way towards staving off resentment and the feeling of being "stuck" with a system.

This is Soooooo...

Success Story: AVIO Consulting, An Interactive Experience

"Function1's expertise and collaborative approach made the redesign process seamless. Thanks for bringing our vision for AVIO's refreshed digital presence to life, we are very proud of the end product."
- Brandon Dean, AVIO Consulting

About AVIO Consulting
AVIO is a consulting leader in the Oracle Fusion Middleware and Mulesoft spaces. Though best known for its Oracle portfolio, AVIO also provides world-class solutions in the cloud, digital transformation, mobile, process, and strategy fields. AVIO came...

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