Success Story: The SAPAN Institute

The Opportunity:

The SAPAN Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, collaboration, advancement and celebration of South Asian performing arts. SAPAN came to Function1 with a need to modernize and streamline their existing WordPress site.
Creating the new provided an excellent opportunity to dig into the details of configuring, theming and coding on this latest and greatest Drupal platform. This build yielded rewarding results on top of...

Drupal 8 Theming - Debugging

How many times in Drupal 7 do you find yourself looking up the naming conventions for page or node templates? In Drupal 8 they've also added the ability to create templates per field! Yes, you can go to Google, run a search and start reading through the results, or you can enable Twig Debugging.First and foremost this is not the devel module. There isn't an external module to install either. In the sites/default/ directory you want to locate the "" file, duplicate it and rename to "services.yml". Within the newly created services file you want to paste the following...

Drupal 8 Theming - Layouts!

One of the great additions to Drupal 8 theming is the layouts file. Previously adding layout options to a Drupal 7 site required the Display Suite module, creating folders for each layout then creating 2-3 files per template option/folder. Now the DS module is still required, however the templating control is all within the theme, specifically the theme.layouts.yml file.

Each layout requires a minimum of 6 items:

  1. layout machine name
  2. layout ui label
  3. category template
  4. location
  5. css
  6. available regions:
    1. region machine name...

Display Suite & Paragraphs Part 1

My wonderful boss, Jon Reid introduced me to paragraphs a few weeks ago. After a little digging, reading and research I knew I was in love! What a fantastic way to give users the keys (in a controlled environment of course) to design their pages! As a themer my goal is to ensure the client has a site that looks fantastic, is very usable and that they can update with ease. Paragraphs covers all those basis and with Display Suite integration is a winning combination.

Let’s talk setup. Basic setup requires the following modules:


Success Story: A Responsive Solution for the Toronto School of Theology

"The new website is fantastic. I . . . am still having fun exploring all it has to offer."
- Board Vice-Chair, Toronto School of Theology


The Opportunity

The Toronto School of Theology (TST) is the largest ecumenical consortium for theological education in Canada with its seven member schools (...

Converting Basic HTML/CSS into a Drupal Theme

Drupal offers some great free theme options, but what if you already have a website theme? What if the options just don’t fit the subject of your website? The idea of creating a custom Drupal theme from scratch may seem daunting, but even with next to no knowledge of PHP, it can be accomplished! Drupal...

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