Spring Cleaning...Yields a Few New Employees!

Hey!! Guess what I found?? NEW PEOPLE!!

We haven't done an intro blog like this in awhile and realized that we're missing something without it. So, without further ado, I'd like to wish a very belated but heart felt welcome to Mitul Patel, Avani Mehta, Somen De, and Karl Cepull. Not only are they new hires, but they were hired in that order to specifically spell the word MASK with their first names....uhh, what? jk.

Mitul joined the family as a Consultant in November last year. He's a Scarlet Knight with a background in Biochemical Engineering. We were all a bit curious...

Removing a Studio Database

Even though Studio has been on its last legs for some time now, some customers still rely heavily on its functionality. As mentioned in a previous post, finding a studio database can be an awkward task given the lack of usability with Studio Database Manager. With over 1000 Studio databases, our client was having a hard time discerning those databases that were currently in use from those that were collecting dust for eons. Given the clumsy search mechanism and sheer number of databases, the client was...

Moving to ECM

Companies, similar to humans, have norms and habits and Function1 has one.  Towards the last quarter of the year, the Function1 fraternity gets to be in teams of threes where each team is tasked with selecting a technology, researching it and, in an exotic company retreat during the month of January, presenting it to the other team members.  Given that we come from different schools of thought, it isn't always easy to agree on a technology among the team members (though we are only three) but then democracy prevails (sort of) and the most senior person picks a technology! In the end, our...

Function1 Needs Your Help!

A couple years, we enlisted the help of our faithful readers to help us pick our logo. We are in the process of revamping our website and are looking at refreshing our logo, so thought we would go to you again for some help. Out of 150 designs, our website team has narrowed down the choices to the four below. Please click here to take a look and let us know your opinion!

A little research for your application to portlet(s) migration

Being asked to research application frameworks and then reporting back is a pleasant deviation from the usual grind of production deadlines and code review due dates. So, when the opportunity came up to do some heads-down review on what is available for a client looking to convert a rather extensive JavaServer Faces (JSF) application into portal ready portlet components for WebCenter Interaction (WCI) - we were giddy. (Not Christmas Day snow giddy, but it was almost close)


First up was the Spring framework, but the problems we encountered here centered around our...

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