Spring Cleaning...Yields a Few New Employees!

Hey!! Guess what I found?? NEW PEOPLE!!

We haven't done an intro blog like this in awhile and realized that we're missing something without it. So, without further ado, I'd like to wish a very belated but heart felt welcome to Mitul Patel, Avani Mehta, Somen De, and Karl Cepull. Not only are they new hires, but they were hired in that order to specifically spell the word MASK with their first names....uhh, what? jk.

Mitul joined the family as a Consultant in November last year. He's a Scarlet Knight with a background in Biochemical Engineering. We were all a bit curious what we would do with someone of his talents and quickly learned that he's full of surprises. He is an extremely strong willed person who adds valuable conjecture to every conversation. While some people confuse him for the owner of 6 star hotels in San Diego, in reality he's our Consultant! We're elated to have him on board. Welcome aboard Mitul!

Avani came to us looking for something different. She wanted a change from the regimented track and a chance to do something unique. She wanted to be listened to and heard. There's no better of a place than right here to do just that. While she is known to have spilled a cup of coffee or two, she has also become an outspoken member of our family that we are proud to have on board. Welcome aboard Avani!

Somen came to us a little over a month ago. He too wanted something different, a chance to travel, try some new projects, and build some really cool products with our development team. His presence is known anywhere he goes, if not by the glow of enthusiasm from the room then from his voice because you will definitely hear him a mile away. I can safely say that Somen has brought a level of enthusiasm and energy that is felt by all. He is an asset to our team; welcome aboard Somen!

Karl is our most recent hire, also within the last month. Karl joined our family after working with a very reputable hotelier and has led numerous high profile engagements with great success. Karl is a lot more than an IT professional though. Can you say you've worked at Disney World, or put on your wet suit to dive into a tank to feed the fish at one of the largest aquariums in the world? That is Karl. His knowledge and experience is extremely well rounded. He has come to us with a breadth of knowledge and life experience that help make our family stronger. Welcome aboard Karl!

Cheers to all of you!

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