LiquidSkin and WCI 10gR3 – Not Exactly a Happy Couple!

Every migration project has its unique challenges that, for the most part, get resolved with due diligence. Yet, some issues, let’s put it this way, can be more distinct.

Recently, I was on a client project migrating from ALUI 6.1 to WCI 10gR3. Beside overcoming the usual quirks with SSL, security certificates, notification service, analytics, and upgrade documentation that seems to cover 90% of what needs to be done and leaves 10% for us to improvise, I had issues with ...

WCI 10gR3 Search Server and Publisher don't mix together on Solaris machine

Recently, I was helping a client upgrade their Oracle WebCenter Interaction portal from 6.1 to 10gR3 in a Solaris environment.  Yes.. this post applies mostly to Solaris installations only, so feel free to stop reading here ... I won't be offended :)

Most of the upgrade was fine, but one of the servers in this test environment had both Publisher 6.4 and Search Server (10gR3) on the same machine.  Publisher was not upgraded, but after upgrading search server to 10.3.0 , Publisher reported errors while connecting to the search server on its diagnotics page:


Have you seen Watcher?

So you, the Plumtree / AquaLogic / WebCenter admin, get a call from a user indicating that Collab email notifications are not being sent (a plausible symptom that the Collab Notification service is in "stopped" status), or that Publisher is not responding (an indication that the Publisher service might also be down), alternatively Portal searches yielding no results (a sign that the search server is down) ... the issues that a Portal admin can encounter are just myriad.


Known limitations with the Web Center Interaction

Hey all!

Over the last few months, I've had 2 customers run into 2 separate limitations with the Oracle Web Center Interaction(WCI) product, namely in version 6.1 MP1.  The first of the two cases I had run into previously, so that prompted the idea for this post to share and build a running list of these limitations.  The second of the 2 cases led me to dig deeper to find the reason for these constraints.  What are these limitations you ask?

Well for example, if you're working with ALUI 6.1MP1, did you know that the maximum number of pages created within a community...

Import Content into Publisher

These are exciting times with Aqualogic (ALI) and its direction as a Portal technology after Oracle's acquisition of BEA Systems.  Some of our ALI clients have decided to migrate off ALI's Content Management System (CMS), Publisher, and adopt a different platform; e.g. Adobe Contribute. While others are embracing the new Portal CMS Web Center Interaction stack, more specifically, Universal Content Management (UCM) as a Publisher alternative as they migrate from their existing CMS; e.g. Dynamic...

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