The Universality of Devices

Device detection is handled smartly within Oracle WebCenter Sites, but unfortunately there is no clear wiggle room if one wants to not follow Oracle’s recommendation when it comes to mobile support. The platform sniffs out if you are on a desktop or any other mobile device listed in the Device Repository (simple xml file that contains properties for each device that an application wants to differentiate upon). You might think: “Amazing! And WCS already has a file listing relevant default/common devices! I have less work to do.” For a few minutes, you are as happy can be. Until you load...

Introducing Luna, Combining the Power of Splunk and Slack!

Introducing Luna
We're excited to announce the launch of Luna, the tool that lets teams interact with Splunk from within Slack. Luna allows organizations to access reporting and analytics from Splunk without ever leaving the Slack application. Luna's users can enter Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL) queries or Splunk report names in Slack and the results (in the form of data visualizations) are then displayed inside of their Slack channel.  
What can Luna do for you?  
Let's take a look at the features that make Luna so impressive. Below, we see...

Content & Commerce: The Reese's Standard

Content & Commerce: The Chocolate and Peanut Butter

There are certain things in this world that are just meant to be together.  Back in college, I had a professor named Wayne Jackson who summed up a Sony/Phillips platform merger as the “Reese’s Standard.” Both Sony and Philips had brilliant standalone products but the real magic happened when you put them together. He’d preach, “On the one hand, you had Sony; the chocolate. And then over here you had Phillips; the peanut butter. Now bring those two sides together and you have yourself a Reese’s.”

While it wasn’t...

UI Customizations with Oracle JET in Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c

Before You Begin
This blog assumes that you're familiar with Oracle JET, its custom modules, and overriding the default path/suffix configuration for JET modules so that you can include them as assets in your WebCenter Sites implementation. Otherwise, you may want to begin by reading this blog: Creating Oracle JET Modules as Assets in Oracle WebCenter Sites.
WCS 11g’s Admin and Contributor UIs are built with a version of Dojo that does not support AMD...

Making Manual Labor a 'lil less Manual

The Big Hurt

Who the heck wants to do manual labor when your finger nails are as well-manicured as ours are, eh? The WebCenter Sites Practice at Function1 is in full swing in the WCS 12c upgrade cycle, with a few clients in the process. As it were, the upgrade itself can be "sort of easy" to nearly impossible depending on the approach taken and feature(s) of your particular implementation. If the upgrade gods are shining their light down on you, you only need to go from to 12c. However, there's a good chance that that isn't you, OR that that god is dead OR doesn't exist at all,...

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