Lessons Learned: Upgrading a Splunk Instance with No Downtime

Upgrading a single machine's instance of Splunk is easy. All we need to do is stop the instance, download either the .tar or the .rpm, and then either untar or yum install the package, restart Splunk, and voilà, we have an upgrade!

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts!!!

A Campfire and a Scary Story

With All Hallows Eve aka Halloween fast approaching (my favorite made-up holiday of the year), I figured I would share a little tale of fright, mayhem, blood, and hair raising shrieks in the night... you know, to get you in a spooky mood. So, here goes nothin'... [The setting is night time around a camp fire in a dark wooded area] Once upon a time in quaint southern town, the home of a massive titan of web commerce, there was a web content management deployment with the name WebCenter Sites (WCS). About 3 or 4 months ago, WCS users were ecstatic as...

Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c New Features at a Glance

The Early Adopter's Paradox

If you live under a rock or are a hermit and simply haven't heard ... Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c is out! Apologies, since that's a bit too enthusiastic considering it has been out for some time now. Maybe you have heard, but as an early adopter of the latest and greatest software in the past, you've been burned and have sworn off volunteering to be a guinea pig to push that big red upgrade button first. Now, as the seasoned technology professional and/or Technology Manager that you are, you have turned to the tried and true method of  ... "let's let the...

Making Manual Labor a 'lil less Manual

The Big Hurt

Who the heck wants to do manual labor when your finger nails are as well-manicured as ours are, eh? The WebCenter Sites Practice at Function1 is in full swing in the WCS 12c upgrade cycle, with a few clients in the process. As it were, the upgrade itself can be "sort of easy" to nearly impossible depending on the approach taken and feature(s) of your particular implementation. If the upgrade gods are shining their light down on you, you only need to go from to 12c. However, there's a good chance that that isn't you, OR that that god is dead OR doesn't exist...

A Quick Migration of Drupal 6 to Drupal 8

Over the last half year I’ve been involved in different migration projects for different customers.  These migrations commonly involved moving WordPress to Drupal-6, WP-to-D7, D6-to-D7, and D7-to-D8.

Migrations are way to move content from its original (source) site to its updated (target) site.  It's done in a structured way to save a LOT of work when compared to rebuilding a site from scratch. 

The funnest migration so far I’ve been involved with migrated a very large proprietary CMS portal site into a customized Drupal 7 distribution (OpenAtrium).  The original site was...

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