Introducing Luna, Combining the Power of Splunk and Slack!


Introducing Luna

We're excited to announce the launch of Luna, the tool that lets teams interact with Splunk from within Slack. Luna allows organizations to access reporting and analytics from Splunk without ever leaving the Slack application. Luna's users can enter Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL) queries or Splunk report names in Slack and the results (in the form of data visualizations) are then displayed inside of their Slack channel.  

What can Luna do for you?  

Let's take a look at the features that make Luna so impressive. Below, we see a user typing in SPL syntax to execute a search query in Splunk. With only a one-line command Luna is able to communicate with your Splunk instance and then show a graphical visualization of that data.  
In addition to the visualization, note that the message returned from Luna contains a link above the graph so that you can also see the results in Splunk. An added bonus? Once the data visualization appears in Slack, it can be treated just like any other message. Team members can react to it, start a thread, share it, or pin it to the channel.  
Luna will also retrieve the results of a saved report, aka saved search, in Splunk.
Notice, again, that it just takes a one-line command and Luna pulls the results of the report for you.  
We're passionate about Luna because of the value it offers organizations through the integration of three robust technologies: 
  1. Splunk: the powerful big data searching and analysis platform.
  2. Slack: the collaboration tool which is quickly becoming the hub of many organization's communications, operations, and workflow.
  3. Bots: a growing paradigm in application user interfaces that allows users to interact with systems in a conversational setting.
Hopefully this quick glimpse gets you as excited as we are about the power of Luna. If you want to learn more about streamlining your Operational Intelligence efforts, click here to schedule your free, 15-minute demo. Have 2 more minutes? Watch Luna in action below! 

Meet Luna, the Newest Member of your Team! from Function1 on Vimeo.

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