Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1: Displaying an Asset via a Template

Hello everyone! Welcome to a simple tutorial that will demonstrate, in Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1, how to create an Asset Definition for an asset called “Tutorial Press Release” and then display Press Release assets via a Template.

First, let’s create the Flex Family for our tutorial content:

Oracle WebCenter Sites + Real-time Decisions

Oracle WebCenter Sites has a lot to offer when it comes to delivering targeted content. You can create a market visitor segments with a wide variety of flexibility; define what should be shown and where on the page it should be shown. You can further define these segments based on implicit and explicit criteria. Implicit criteria would include geo-location, time, click stream and search engine referrals for keywords. While explicit criteria includes anything the visitor has decided to share with you (age, gender, hobbies, etc..).

Armed with this information, you can deliver very...

Oracle WebCenter Sites Asset Modeling: An Introduction

Welcome everyone, to an introductory blog about Oracle WebCenter Sites (WCS) Asset Modeling.  Asset Modeling is the first major step in planning and designing the structure of a website using WCS.

When you sit down to analyze the requirements of a website, you should first compartmentalize all the different aspects and sections that will be necessary to fulfill the requirements.  This approach will eventually lead to the most efficient design and modeling of assets for the website.

For example, how many different kinds of webpages do we need? Can any subsections of webpages...

Oracle WebCenter Sites Mobility vs. Responsive Web Design

If you are a Oracle WebCenter Sites (FatWire Content Server) customer, I am sure one of the questions you ask yourself is: "Is my site optimized for mobile"? With different devices such as iPads, Android Tablets, iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerrys and non-touch web-enabled devices (yes there are few of them still out there!) all in different sizes, screen resolutions and browsers, it’s tough to ensure your end users have a great experience interacting with your site.  Here is where Responsive Web Design and packaged products such as Oracle WebCenter Sites Mobility Server come into play....

Oracle WebCenter Sites for Mobile Devices

Do you currently have websites built on the Oracle WebCenter Sites product suite? Would you like to leverage your existing WebCenter Sites install to support mobile devices? If you answered yes to both, we are happy to report that there is a great add-on product that will greatly simplify the process of supporting mobile devices.

Here at Function1, we are proud to be industry leaders in implementing websites with WebCenter Sites (formerly Fatwire).  In addition, we are excited to be partnering with Netomat...

What can WEM do for you?

Web Content Management is not just about the web anymore, it’s also about managing your mobile, social, print and other emerging channels and ensuring a consistent experience across these channels. Because of this, the industry term has change from Web Content Management to Web Experience Management (WEM). Today’s WEM products focus not just on content but also help you ensure brand consistency across all these different channels, help you deliver better customer service, help you target the right audience for your new product or service launch, and help you stay...

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