What can WEM do for you?


Web Content Management is not just about the web anymore, it’s also about managing your mobile, social, print and other emerging channels and ensuring a consistent experience across these channels. Because of this, the industry term has change from Web Content Management to Web Experience Management (WEM). Today’s WEM products focus not just on content but also help you ensure brand consistency across all these different channels, help you deliver better customer service, help you target the right audience for your new product or service launch, and help you stay connected with your consumer regardless of their location.

Some years ago, engaging your client was rather simple. Put up a website with some text and images and you’re done.

However, marketing to today’s consumers is a lot more complicated than this. Customers have very high expectations, they want to share content with their friends easily; they want the same experience on the desktop and on the phone; they want to voice their opinions and share their feedback with the company; they want to receive information based on their location.

Companies also have high demands. They want to give their customers a personalized experience; they want to syndicate to multiple social sites while maintaining their brand throughout each site; they want to share not just text and images but also documents and videos; they want real time analytics with the ability to make changes to their campaign without involving IT.

And of course all this must be replicated multiple times to ensure localization for each geographic location that your company conducts business in. 

Managing all this is what a WEM solution can do for you.

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