Splunking the Linux Audit System

For my last blog we discussed a Splunk topic geared towards the Windows side of the shop (Splunking Microsoft Windows Firewalls). So now it’s time to show some love to the Linux admins out there. More specifically, in today’s blog we will explore some tips for gaining insight into Linux audit logs using Splunk.

A little background on the Linux Audit System

The Linux Audit system provides a way to track security-relevant information on your...

Accessing a Windows share from Linux

So I recently started working on a new WebCenter Sites project and found myself needing to run some *nix shell scripts locally, but unfortunately for me I do my Java development on a Windows 7 machine. Blasphemous I know. Anyhow I happened to have a Linux VM sitting around that I could use to run any *nix scripts I needed. I found myself wanting to keep the files and folders I need for my development environment on my Windows 7 host,  so I decided to see if I could access and run unix scipts that act on...

Oracle WebCenter Sites for Mobile Devices

Do you currently have websites built on the Oracle WebCenter Sites product suite? Would you like to leverage your existing WebCenter Sites install to support mobile devices? If you answered yes to both, we are happy to report that there is a great add-on product that will greatly simplify the process of supporting mobile devices.

Here at Function1, we are proud to be industry leaders in implementing websites with WebCenter Sites (formerly Fatwire).  In addition, we are excited to be partnering with Netomat...

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