Why Content is Like Water: The Importance of Responsive Design

Over the last few years it has become common practice for websites to be responsive. Responsive design allows for the content of a website to respond to its environment or device. The picture above shows a series of common devices on which you might view a website. It is now the general standard for websites to be as easy to use on one of those devices as it is on any other device. In the past, when responsive design was not prevalent, it was common to find websites that did not adapt or respond to multiple devices. 

As the Internet and access to the Internet evolves, the style and...

Success Story: AVIO Consulting, An Interactive Experience

"Function1's expertise and collaborative approach made the redesign process seamless. Thanks for bringing our vision for AVIO's refreshed digital presence to life, we are very proud of the end product."
- Brandon Dean, AVIO Consulting

About AVIO Consulting
AVIO is a consulting leader in the Oracle Fusion Middleware and Mulesoft spaces. Though best known for its Oracle portfolio, AVIO also provides world-class solutions in the cloud, digital transformation, mobile, process, and strategy fields. AVIO came...

Success Story: Wycliffe College - Rebranding a Religious Community


The Opportunity:

After successfully creating & deploying a redesigned, responsive Drupal solution for The Toronto School of Theology (TST), our team was approached by Wycliffe College (an instrumental member of TST’s ecumenical consortium) with the hopes of realizing similar gains for their own website.

When Wycliffe College contacted our team, their website was dated from a visual, content organization, and technology perspective. Our mission was to portray Wycliffe as the vibrant, unique...

There's Gonna be Some Changes Made

Excuse the Bruce Hornsby reference, but it's that time again! Summer is over, football is back on TV, and your favorite TV shows are just getting started. Obviously, it must be time for another Function1 website refresh. For this first phase of the refresh, we were mainly focusing on the design and keeping it in line with our new branding. If you try to access our site in a mobile browser, you will see that we are using a responsive design as Jeremy wrote about in...

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