Troubleshooting GSF Vanity URLs

So you've set up GSF Vanity URLs in your WebCenter Sites environment -- or at least you thought you did. But what should you do if vanity URLs aren't displaying in your website -- and instead you just see query string URLs everywhere? Here's a few things to check:


Go to the AdminSite site in WebCenter Sites and view the GSF WEM app. On the main page, you should see two messages like this:


Those (tricky?) "date" attributes in Webcenter Sites

In Webcenter Sites, every type of attribute is paired with a "native" editor provided by WCS which allows your entering the corresponding attribute value, even if you have not assigned an ad-hoc attribute editor to that attribute.

One of those attribute types is the "date". WCS provides a native editor which greatly simplifies your entering such an attribute's value in the right format (i.e. as expected by WCS and the underlying database) without much of a hassle.

This native editor comprises a text field where the...

Introduction to Drupal 7 Maps - OpenLayers

This article is the first in a series on mapping in Drupal. There are a few online tutorials on using OpenLayers in Drupal but successful implementations are still hard to achieve for many. We’re going to start with the simplest possible implementation using OpenLayers.


Modules Required

First, the obvious module: OpenLayers. And then the OpenLayers Dependencies:

●      Libraries - this gives us easy access to external...

How to build custom attribute editors in WebCenter Sites

Starting with WebCenter Sites 11g BP1, Oracle had introduced various ways to customize the UI interface. Function1 has other blogs that talk about some of these techniques: Altering WebCenter Sites 11gR1 & Customizing Toolbar Buttons in Oracle WebCenter Sites.  In this blog, I like to detail implementation steps to create a custom attribute editor. Attribute editors are used to customize asset forms. More...

Asset Tagging Before and After WebCenter Sites 11g R1 (


With the latest release of WebCenter Sites 11gR1 ( or "dot 8"), Oracle has introduced an out of the box "Tagging" feature. No, not the like the underground art form which took over the sides of New York City subway trains and buildings back in the 80's, rather the new tagging feature allows end-users to quickly list out words which they feel best describes the Asset in question. Tags generally consist of 1 to 3 words and are different from categories in that they are not pre-determined but instead are user generated. On the web, web pages and blogs are popluar...

Add Awesome Elements to Drupal with jQuery


Drupal 7 comes packed with functionality but what do you do when you want to implement some of those incredible visual elements that you see across the web? Cover flow like image galleries, fade animations, sliding page elements, smooth scrolling and other dynamic presentation effects can help push your site design to a whole other level.

Fortunately, Drupal 7 comes loaded with an answer in jQuery. jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library which contains many common DOM, event, effects, and Ajax functions. While Drupal 7...

Drupal: The Case for NoSQL

It isn't an Edward Snowden NSA leak that the overwhelming Drupal population is running on the thirty-year- old and time honored conventional relational database management system (namely MySQL); or, to a lesser extent, on the more progressive object-relational database management system (namely PostgreSQL).  MySQL seems to be the embraced database because the contributed modules populous on were designed with MySQL as the target database. Therefore, just work better with Drupal and cause less heartache for Drupal site builders and admins. ...

A Quick Start Guide for Oracle Endeca Commerce


As a consultant  working with Oracle products (first WebCenter Interaction Portal and now WebCenter Sites) the buzz words often abound and new strategic acquisitions regularly muddy Oracle's software offering waters from the perspective of developers, development managers and software strategists.  In this blog, I'll briefly talk about Endeca's offerings and then take a deeper dive into Endeca Guided search by describing what it is, some of the moving parts, and finally walking through an installation of Endeca in a...

Vanity URLs in WebCenter Sites 11g Release 1

The latest release of WebCenter Sites, 11g Release 1 (, now includes vanity URL support. If you’ve ever used GSF’s vanity URLs, this will look very familiar to you. WebCenter Sites’s implementation, however, does contain some slight differences. More significantly, there are some nice enhancements compared to the GSF vanity URLs.

The purpose of this post isn’t to bore you with all the technical details of how the vanity URLs are setup. For all those details, check out the Oracle WebCenter Sites documentation (...

Using External Content as native assets in WebCenter Sites

Is your organization leveraging videos in YouTube and embedding into organizations website via Video/Media assets?   Is your organization's press releases managed in different sites and displaying them in organization's website using iFrames?   Is your organization's product knowledge base articles managed in external sites and displayed on a product page?  Or perhaps your content contributors are recreating the content in Web Center Sites instead of just referring to the application service provider APIs?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then the new Oracle WebCenter Sites...

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