Why Solr?

When it comes to setting-up search for a Drupal site, out-of-the-box Drupal comes with a primitive built-in search engine. The out-of-the-box search engine can be sufficient if we are running a Content Management System (CMS) for a small blogging site. There are some basic customization and ranking settings that can be tailored; e.g. add more weight to blogs with more comments or recently submitted blogs or content. And it is neat because Drupal search respects node access permissions.
But not all...

A Quick Start Guide for Oracle Endeca Commerce


As a consultant  working with Oracle products (first WebCenter Interaction Portal and now WebCenter Sites) the buzz words often abound and new strategic acquisitions regularly muddy Oracle's software offering waters from the perspective of developers, development managers and software strategists.  In this blog, I'll briefly talk about Endeca's offerings and then take a deeper dive into Endeca Guided search by describing what it is, some of the moving parts, and finally walking through an installation of Endeca in a...

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