Be Nice To Your Users ... And Your Lookups!


In today's blog I will describe a method that we recently used at a customer site in order to solve a problem for a portion of their Splunk user base. This group does consist of frequent and avid users of Splunk, however they have a fairly low permission level and for the most part, are not the most tech-savvy. Their use of Splunk is limited to only one app and the pre-built dashboards within it. 

The requirement for this user group was as follows: They wanted a lookup table where they could enter some notes for specific product ids. They also wanted this...

Those (tricky?) "date" attributes in Webcenter Sites

In Webcenter Sites, every type of attribute is paired with a "native" editor provided by WCS which allows your entering the corresponding attribute value, even if you have not assigned an ad-hoc attribute editor to that attribute.

One of those attribute types is the "date". WCS provides a native editor which greatly simplifies your entering such an attribute's value in the right format (i.e. as expected by WCS and the underlying database) without much of a hassle.

This native editor comprises a text field where the...

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