LiquidSkin and WCI 10gR3 – Not Exactly a Happy Couple!

Every migration project has its unique challenges that, for the most part, get resolved with due diligence. Yet, some issues, let’s put it this way, can be more distinct.

Recently, I was on a client project migrating from ALUI 6.1 to WCI 10gR3. Beside overcoming the usual quirks with SSL, security certificates, notification service, analytics, and upgrade documentation that seems to cover 90% of what needs to be done and leaves 10% for us to improvise, I had issues with ...

Potential Issues with 6.1 MP1 Upgrade

There are two major issues with the 6.0-6.1MP1 upgrade path that I encountered that you need to be aware of. I don't know if these issues happen all the time, but it happened to me enough and on a variety of different environments that I thought it would be worth passing along. One of these issues will present itself immediately, while the other issue you might not realize for a while.

The first issue lies with the configuration files related to the search server. After you run the installer to do the upgrade, make sure you check the following files before trying to start the...

Changing SSO Settings

I was recently at a client site who was having problems with their Single Sign-On Settings. They were using RSA ClearTrust with ALUI running behind WebLogic 8.1 and were seeing performance issues related to SSO. We started troubleshooting the problem by looking at a combination of RSA settings, the portalconfig.xml, and various settings on Apache and WebLogic.

The first thing that we found, which is a common best practice that is avoided, was that the whole portal application was protected by SSO instead of just the SSOServlet. When SSO is enabled in the portal, the first thing the...

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