Integrating Twitter and WCS: A Primer On Asset Event Listeners And Other Mechanisms

Welcome back!

In my previous article, I outlined the different mechanisms in WCS for plugging your own ad-hoc logic into the asset save processing flow.

Before diving into the subject at hand, here are a couple of things we are NOT going to resolve in this article:

  • The "best possible" asset model for supporting Twitter integration.
    • Asset model, like any data model, varies¬†significantly depending on each...

Creating a Custom Flex Filter in WebCenter Sites

WebCenter Sites Flex Filters provide a natural mechanism to do some post asset-save processing.  Out of the box, Oracle provides the following 4 Flex Filters: Doc-Type, Thumbnail Creator, Field Copier, and Document Transformation. Generally, these filters can be configured to take an input value from an asset and then do some processing on it resulting in something new. For example, a blob valued attribute named ImageFile can be used as input into the Thumbnail Creator to create a derived attribute containing a thumbnail rendition of the...

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