CSDT can have a tendency to be "delicate", especially the 7.6 version. At Function1 we recently completed an upgrade from Fatwire 7.6 to WebCenter Sites 11g for a client, and we used quite a lot of CSDT to get the data migrated. Below are some of the lessons we learned along the way, which we bring to you in this blog as useful CSDT tips.

Tip #1: The "toSites" Catch

Say for example that you have exported Site1's assets to a datastore "Site1" using the "fromSites" parameter and supplying "Site1" as the value. That means of course that the datastore "Site1" contains...

Scripting old-style imports using CatalogMover's command line

For over a decade, WebCenter Sites (FutureTense Content Server, OpenMarket Content Server, FatWire Content Server, etc.) used a text-based import format exclusively for bulk content import and export. The format was HTML-based and essentially exported a database table into a HTML table.  Files were written to disk in folders alongside the HTML file.

A mini Swing Java app was created that allowed you to connect to the UI, and you then had a few tools you could use to list catalog data, select database rows to export, and import one or more files. Lightweight and very basic, it did...

Import your WCI Content in Drupal

I wanted to blog about something exciting and relative to the current hour such as "who will win the coming presidential race to the Whitehouse", especially that the first presidential debate of 2012 is looming (personally I think Jim Lehrer is pretty lame and would have preferred to see Oprah Winfrey conducting these debates.)  But my friend ...

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