Monitoring Frozen Data Storage in Splunk

Frozen Wasteland

In this post, I'd like to visit the "Siberia" of Splunk data or frozen (archived) storage.  For all other types of data besides frozen, you can get insight on your Splunk data at the index and bucket level by using the "dbinspect" command or apps like "Fire Brigade."  However, because frozen data "lives" outside of the world of Splunk, there's no way to get insight on that data via Splunk.  Therefore, I will outline a solution for creating a scripted input to send metrics to Splunk which can then be used for reporting.

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Import your WCI Content in Drupal

I wanted to blog about something exciting and relative to the current hour such as "who will win the coming presidential race to the Whitehouse", especially that the first presidential debate of 2012 is looming (personally I think Jim Lehrer is pretty lame and would have preferred to see Oprah Winfrey conducting these debates.)  But my friend ...

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