UID UID, where art thou my UID

My Import for a UID! No, for ‘twas not so simple.  To understand this story we must begin a few versions ago when a tool now known as WebCenter Sites Developer Tools (WSDT) was introduced to finally allow I.T. teams to manage their WebCenter Sites Artifacts within a source code repository such as GIT, BitBucket or SVN.  These artifacts were not just code related, but also content related.  

In addition to enabling the creation of local environments for Developers to truly allow them to encapsulate their work, this tool also opened new avenues for content migration and allowed I.T....


CSDT can have a tendency to be "delicate", especially the 7.6 version. At Function1 we recently completed an upgrade from Fatwire 7.6 to WebCenter Sites 11g for a client, and we used quite a lot of CSDT to get the data migrated. Below are some of the lessons we learned along the way, which we bring to you in this blog as useful CSDT tips.

Tip #1: The "toSites" Catch

Say for example that you have exported Site1's assets to a datastore "Site1" using the "fromSites" parameter and supplying "Site1" as the value. That means of course that the datastore "Site1" contains...

WebCenter Sites CSDT tip: Recommended Order of @ALL_ASSETS for Error-free Imports

As anyone who has worked with Oracle WebCenter Sites "Content Server Development Tools" (CSDT) already knows, the import process can get a little “tricky”, especially when trying to import "@ALL_ASSETS".

Regardless if you're operating from the command line or via Eclipse's CSDT plug-in, there are inevitable errors that occur because of the complexity of certain sites, and all the dependencies that arise between workspace resources.

When a CSDT import error occurs during “@ALL_ASSETS”, it’s typically difficult to pinpoint which specific element caused the error, and there’s...

Setting Up a Development Environment in Oracle WebCenter Sites

Function1 would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mike Field (co-author of this blog) to our Web Experience Management team.  Mike joins us from Metastratus Web Solutions and brings in-depth expertise in all aspects of Oracle WebCenter Sites.  Mike and I worked together on creating a development environment in Oracle WebCenter Sites for a client and decided to document the process.

As all of us enthusiastic developers know, setting up an initial development environment can sometimes be a tedious and painstaking process, regardless of the platform or software we use.   It can...

How to install both GSF and CSDT in WebCenter Sites

So you're building a new website in WebCenter Sites and you've decided to use CSDT (Content Server Developer Tools) and GSF (GST Site Foundation) to help make the development process as efficient as possible. The steps for installing GSF are quite simple. Copy a few files, click a few links, and you're done. Setting up CSDT is easy too -- once you get the hang of the differences between importing and exporting and what direction those commands sync your assets -- always think of it relative your WebCenter Sites installation: You import to WebCenter Sites, and export from...

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