GSF 12 Is Finally Here!

GSF-12 is finally here! Yay!!!

This new version comprehends brand new features, but also a major reorganization of the entire project's codebase and several features getting deprecated in benefit of some of WebCenter Sites 12c's native features.

This is the first GSF release which embraces WCS 12c's features and rendering practices.
The main goals of this new release were:
  • Providing the means for clients out there already using GSF to reuse as much of their existing code as possible when upgrading from WCS 11.x to WCS 12c,
  • ...

Import your WCI Content in Drupal

I wanted to blog about something exciting and relative to the current hour such as "who will win the coming presidential race to the Whitehouse", especially that the first presidential debate of 2012 is looming (personally I think Jim Lehrer is pretty lame and would have preferred to see Oprah Winfrey conducting these debates.)  But my friend ...

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