WebCenter Sites CSDT tip: Recommended Order of @ALL_ASSETS for Error-free Imports


As anyone who has worked with Oracle WebCenter Sites "Content Server Development Tools" (CSDT) already knows, the import process can get a little “tricky”, especially when trying to import "@ALL_ASSETS".

Regardless if you're operating from the command line or via Eclipse's CSDT plug-in, there are inevitable errors that occur because of the complexity of certain sites, and all the dependencies that arise between workspace resources.

When a CSDT import error occurs during “@ALL_ASSETS”, it’s typically difficult to pinpoint which specific element caused the error, and there’s often no way of skipping over that particular element and moving forward with the rest of the import.

Until now.

This blog will outline a much more detailed, granular approach to “@ALL_ASSETS” that will let you execute the import by resource type and thus give you more control to diagnose errors as well as freedom to skip errors.

For this blog, we are assuming that the site name is PROJECT.  The following is a step-by-step guide that should be followed in the exact order as outlined below:

  1. Import Attribute Editors (resources=AttrTypes)
  2. Import PageAttribute assets (resources=PROJECT_A)
  3. Import PROJECT Flex Filters (resources=PROJECT_F)
  4. Import Page Filters (resources=PageFilter)
  5. Import PageAttributes (resources=PageAttribute)
  6. Import PROJECT Definitions (resources=PROJECT_D)
  7. Import PROJECT Page Definitions (resources=PROJECT_PD)
  8. Import PageDefinition assets (resources=PageDefinition)
  9. Import Templates (resources=Template)
  10. Import CSElements (resources=CSElement)
  11. Import SiteEntries (resources=SiteEntry)
  12. Import all PROJECT_specific resources
    • For example, PROJECT_Image, PROJECT_Document, or PROJECT_Vocabulary
  13. Import GSTVirtualWebroots (resources=GSTVirtualWebroot)
    • Note: this is needed only if the PROJECT is using the GSF (GST Site Foundation)
  14. Import GSTAliases (resouces=GSTAlias)
    • Note: this is needed only if the PROJECT is using the GSF (GST Site Foundation)
  15. Import Pages (resources=Page)

Please keep in mind that this is only a summary of the @ALL_ASSETS import order.  If you wish to learn more about the steps required to build a local development environment and/or install the GSF integrated with CSDT, please check out the following blogs:

In addition to importing, the specific order of resources outlined in this blog also applies to exporting.  Since it is important to maintain the integrity of the workspace, granularly exporting elements by type offers a methodological approach that can proactively minimize errors, versus blindly exporting @ALL_ASSETS.

Thanks, and happy importing/exporting!

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