Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1: Displaying an Asset via a Template

Hello everyone! Welcome to a simple tutorial that will demonstrate, in Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1, how to create an Asset Definition for an asset called “Tutorial Press Release” and then display Press Release assets via a Template.

First, let’s create the Flex Family for our tutorial content:

So, maybe I want to learn a few things

I came on board with Function1 as a software developer. I had whet my teeth under a number of projects and what I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to grow my skill-set as a developer and go beyond that, to wear many different proverbial hats. Projects, whether it was your 9-5 or a pet interest, taking an hour here and an hour there, on the side, were the fodder for my growth as a programmer.

A while back, Amee mentioned her initiative to take on a...

I, for one, Welcome our new JavaScript Overlords

You are probably most familiar with JavaScript as that sometimes useful, often quirky, client-side scripting language used on websites to enhance user interfaces and enable dynamic content.

Wikipedia describes JavaScript as “dynamic, weakly typed and has first-class functions … a multi-paradigm language, supporting object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles.” Fairly generic technical description there. Wikipedia fails to point out that JavaScript may also be a ravenous monster intent on infiltrating every bastion of technology we have!

JavaScript is not...

Run Forrest Run!

"Run Forrest Run" – do you remember that scene from the movie Forrest Gump? Well, that seems to be the trend nowadays with government agencies running away from costly entreprise solutions towards more open source software because it is, well, free.  Luckily, Forrest Gump unshackles himself from his polio braces and breaks free; and so so did many government agencies. In ...

Oracle WebCenter Sites Mobility vs. Responsive Web Design

If you are a Oracle WebCenter Sites (FatWire Content Server) customer, I am sure one of the questions you ask yourself is: "Is my site optimized for mobile"? With different devices such as iPads, Android Tablets, iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerrys and non-touch web-enabled devices (yes there are few of them still out there!) all in different sizes, screen resolutions and browsers, it’s tough to ensure your end users have a great experience interacting with your site.  Here is where Responsive Web Design and packaged products such as Oracle WebCenter Sites Mobility Server come into play....

Splunk Dashboard Development and an Intro to SideView Utils

(Image: Salvatore Vuono /

This is hopefully the first in a series of posts dealing with the joys of developing dashboards and apps in Splunk.  In this post, I’d like to highlight different development options and introduce SideView Utils.

The Case for Dashboards

Organizations use Splunk in a variety of ways.  Uses range from monitoring a specific application to gaining enterprise-wide insight into their operations.  Insight can be...

Using Excel - on the internets

I recently had the opportunity to take a close look at using spreadsheets and more specifically Excel as a key component of a business process. The tasks at hand were relying heavily on Excel's calculation engine, performing some complex manipulations there, and using a larse dose of custom add-in and macro functionality, circling around and connecting to some databases (in this case, Oracle and Microsoft Access). And in updating with the times and all things going to the intertubes, the need now was to seek out a component that could comparably swap out Excel on the client side and bolt...

Have you Seen Subscriber?

Among the core components of WebCenter Interaction (WCI) is its “notification engine.”  Users get notified via email or RSS feeds when information stored in the portal is updated. Typically, we subscribe to specific pieces of information we are interested in: e.g. collab projects, documents, discussion threads, tasks, etc. and then decide on the notification frequency: e.g. immediate, hourly, daily, or weekly summary email alerts.

I’ve often subscribed to pieces of information in WCI only to realize that my inbox gets flooded with notifications alerting me that content was updated...

Sauce Tasting

As most web developers would attest, one of the most time consuming and challenging aspects of the job is to test and support your code across multiple browsers. A couple of years ago, one might have gone about testing with separate VMs that have different versions of browsers. Then along came tools such as IETester, which allow you to test across various versions of Internet Explorer (IE). By the way, if you keep up with our blogs, then you might recall...

Fiddle me this

Coding up some javascript is often an exciting and debuggery filled exercise, with much time spent hopping between your text/code editing device and your browser, hammering away at f5 or clearing some cache.

And when javascript results are not what you're intending to see it is a delightful, delicate, and disciplined dance that developers then do - a sprinkle of a firebug add-on here, or maybe you will toss in a dash of Internet Explorer's Developer tools, or maybe you prefer the surprisingly strong new-ish flavor on the block, Google Chrome's "...

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