Display Suite & Paragraphs Part 2

Welcome back to the conclusion of integrating Display Suite and Paragraphs in Drupal 7. In our last blog post we created our Display Suite templates. Once they are placed within the site’s theme, download the Paragraphs module (and the one required module Entity) to your site and enable under admin/modules. Now we'll be working within the Drupal UI.


Display Suite & Paragraphs Part 1

My wonderful boss, Jon Reid introduced me to paragraphs a few weeks ago. After a little digging, reading and research I knew I was in love! What a fantastic way to give users the keys (in a controlled environment of course) to design their pages! As a themer my goal is to ensure the client has a site that looks fantastic, is very usable and that they can update with ease. Paragraphs covers all those basis and with Display Suite integration is a winning combination.

Let’s talk setup. Basic setup requires the following modules:


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