Potential Issues with 6.1 MP1 Upgrade

There are two major issues with the 6.0-6.1MP1 upgrade path that I encountered that you need to be aware of. I don't know if these issues happen all the time, but it happened to me enough and on a variety of different environments that I thought it would be worth passing along. One of these issues will present itself immediately, while the other issue you might not realize for a while.

The first issue lies with the configuration files related to the search server. After you run the installer to do the upgrade, make sure you check the following files before trying to start the search server or import the PTE for the Search (all folders are under the ptsearchserver/6.1 path):

  • [NodeName]/config/Node.ini
    • RFPORT does not reflect value typed into installer (if you changed it from default)
    • @RF_NODE_NAME@ should be replaced with the node name (you can get it from the directory)
    • @RF_CLUSTER_HOME@ should be the full path to the cluster directory (ptsearchserver/6.1/cluster)
    • @JAVA_HOME@ should be the full path to your JAVA directory located at [PT_HOME]/common/jre/1.4.2
  • adminui/settings/config/Application.xml
    • @PORT@ should be the port you typed in for the Cluster Admin UI (default is 15300)
  • serverpackages/SearchClusterAdminUI.pte
    • @CLUSTER_UI_URL@ should be the base url to the Cluster Admin UI, make sure you use the port entered in the above step (http://[ServerName]:[Port]/)
  • cluster/Cluster.nodes
    • @NODE_NAME@ should be the name of the your search node
    • @MACHINE_NAME@ should be the host name of the search server
    • @PORT@ should be the port that node is running on
    • Make sure you use values that match what you put in to the node.ini as mentioned above.

After making these changes, you should be able to import the pte file and start all related search services. Please note that the recommended values above assume that you are deploying search as a stand alone node and utilizing the Grid Search functionality. Other changes will be necessary if you are going that route.

The second issue with the upgrade might not be noticed for a while. This issue involves a couple of values in configuration files pointing to 6.0 folders instead of 6.1. The reason why you might not notice this after the upgrade is that unless you manually delete the 6.0 folders, these folders will exist after the upgrade and you wont have any issues on startup. Make sure you change these values to point to the 6.1 folders to prevent customizations and other features from not working:

  • settings/common/serverconfig.xml
    • gateway:temporary-directory points to 6.0
  • settings/portal/portalconfig.xml
    • WebHome and TempHome both point to 6.0

Hope this helps!

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