Energy - A New Vertical Market for Drupal

During the Fall of 2014 Function1 teamed with the BACnet Group – Drupal, Acquia, and Commissioning & Green Building Solutions, Inc. (CxGBS®)  to submit a response to the GSA RFI Green Proving Ground program.  It required a “Title” so we called it “Open Energy - A New Paradigm for Energy Dashboards”. The GSA program leverages its real estate portfolio to evaluate innovative sustainable building technologies...

A Quick Migration of WordPress to Drupal 8

I recently discussed a DIRECT workflow for migrating WordPress to Drupal 8.  

That process assumes you want to install WordPress on your local computer. But, remember that WordPress, being a CMS like Drupal, also requires Apache, mySQL and PHP.  Below I'll show you how to get that local WordPress environment setup.  BUT, the thought of setting up a new development environment for Wordpress might make you cringe, especially if you love Drupal the way I do.  If so, skip that part, you really don...

Drupal 8 Theming - Debugging

How many times in Drupal 7 do you find yourself looking up the naming conventions for page or node templates? In Drupal 8 they've also added the ability to create templates per field! Yes, you can go to Google, run a search and start reading through the results, or you can enable Twig Debugging.First and foremost this is not the devel module. There isn't an external module to install either. In the sites/default/ directory you want to locate the "" file, duplicate it and rename to "services.yml". Within the newly created services file you want to paste the following...

Migrate Organic Groups Membership

In a previous blog, we discussed Function1’s latest Drupal project: migrating a Jive system running on PostgreSQL database to Drupal.  The target Drupal site was using the Organic Groups module to organize content (the usual node types: blog, story, page, discussion, etc.) in Spaces (the Organic Group lingo for a “Group”). In migrating content to Drupal we used the migrate module. Adding space/group memberships was a...

Drupal 8 Theming - Layouts!

One of the great additions to Drupal 8 theming is the layouts file. Previously adding layout options to a Drupal 7 site required the Display Suite module, creating folders for each layout then creating 2-3 files per template option/folder. Now the DS module is still required, however the templating control is all within the theme, specifically the theme.layouts.yml file.

Each layout requires a minimum of 6 items:

  1. layout machine name
  2. layout ui label
  3. category template
  4. location
  5. css
  6. available regions:
    1. region machine name...

A Direct Migration of WordPress to Drupal 8

Migrations from WordPress to Drupal are required when customers are standardizing on Drupal to ease institutional IT staffing requirements, or they just want the many additional customization capabilities built into Drupal.  Here is how to migrate your WordPress data directly into Drupal 8 using the Migrate API.

Here is one workflow to get started quickly …

1.    Setup your D8 site (drupal-8-0-5) locally.  This blog post assumes your WP site is already setup on your local environment....

Jive to Drupal Migration

Recently, Function1 was engaged to perform a Jive migration project to Drupal 7 and specifically the Open Atrium 2.0 distribution since Jive is a communication and collaboration platform. As a team, we are familiar with Open Atrium and have used it few times on multiple projects and know its different content types. The challenge was in grabbing the data from the PostgreSQL database, which had close to 300 tables, and formulating the data source to map to the target Open Atrium content types.

In performing the migration, we extended the Drupal Migrate...

A Quick Migration of Drupal 6 to Drupal 8

Over the last half year I’ve been involved in different migration projects for different customers.  These migrations commonly involved moving WordPress to Drupal-6, WP-to-D7, D6-to-D7, and D7-to-D8.

Migrations are way to move content from its original (source) site to its updated (target) site.  It's done in a structured way to save a LOT of work when compared to rebuilding a site from scratch. 

The funnest migration so far I’ve been involved with migrated a very large proprietary CMS portal site into a customized Drupal 7 distribution (OpenAtrium).  The original site was...

Success Story: Wycliffe College - Rebranding a Religious Community

The Opportunity:

After successfully creating & deploying a redesigned, responsive Drupal solution for The Toronto School of Theology (TST), our team was approached by Wycliffe College (an instrumental member of TST’s ecumenical consortium) with the hopes of realizing similar gains for their own website.

When Wycliffe College contacted our team, their website was dated from a visual, content organization, and technology perspective. Our mission was to portray Wycliffe as the vibrant, unique...

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