Packing Passwords


A common problem faced at the workplace and at home is finding a way to securely store your passwords.  With people like “Anonymous” and identity thieves out there, gone are the days for scribbling passwords on post it notes (who would do such a thing?!?), or keeping word docs with your passwords listed on your hard drive.  Users now want a more secure way to not only store passwords, but share them as needed.

Recently for a client site, we implemented Passpack ( as our online password repository, and so far, it’s definitely meeting our needs.  Being able to filter easily through thousands of passwords, sending secure messages, and the groups feature has allowed us to effectively transfer pages and pages of passwords securely to an online repository that is also accessible through your desktop. For those concerned about cloud security and privacy(which should be everyone), Passpack has highlighted their practices here.

So why Passpack?  Whether you need to distribute passwords within a group, manage logins, or store household passwords, Passpack allows you to not only store your password in a repository, but also share them.  And even better yet, it’s free (the personal use version).  With Passpack Desktop, you can also access your passwords when internet connections aren’t readily available.

Passpack's easy 1-Click Login feature allows users to log into over 25,000 websites with a simple click. By sharing passwords on an individual basis, you can choose whether you want to share your passwords with a group or a single person, and assign permissions accordingly.  Groups are perfect for organizations that have various teams or departments.  Each password is then sent as an attachment in a secure message or a notice is emailed to the recipient indicating a password has been shared with them.

For clients that have over thousands of passwords that they need to store, Passpacks “tagging” feature allows you to enter key words for each password you store, allowing for users to easily filter and search for what they are looking for.  Have a password that you want to share with the group?  Simply create the password in your account, and transfer ownership to the admin or whoever you prefer.  With various pricing plans, Passpack is not only easy to use, but also affordable (|tour|btpage).

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