Integrating ALBPM 6.0 with Subversion

As you all may know, the AquaLogic BPM Studio 6.0 was built on top of the Eclipse platform. Because of this, many of the plugins that are available for Eclipse, can be used with ALBPM Studio. We created a video to show you how easy it is to use the automatic update feature of Eclipse to connect ALBPM with one of the more popular version control systems out there, Subversion ( In this video, we are installing a plugin called Subversive ( that was developed to integrate Eclipse with Subversion. If you visit the Subversive site, you can find out a lot more information on the plug. Also on the site, there are many download URLs, but the one that you need for ALBPM 6.0, and the one I use in the video is:

For an iPhone/iPod Touch compatible link, click here. Hope this video helps some of you out!

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